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To the Detriment of a Nation

June 12, 2014 at 2:55 am | Tammy Swofford


Sexual deviancy is not a protected civil right. Sexual deviancy exists and is noted by clinical psychiatrists.  But deviants should not receive hugs at the White House and a welcomed berth in the military. President Barack Obama is the  Commander-in-Chief of the combined military forces of the United States of America.  He maintains an unusual focus on detrimental policy changes that weaken the traditions and  morale of a  professional standing army. Why such intense personal interest?

The door was closed the day that my Navy  OIC (officer in charge) sat with me and the ten year (mandatory) review of a secret clearance landed on his desk. The officer under review was in my department and under my direct command. He had an incident of public lewdness, an unusual behavior, which had resulted in a civilian arrest. This arrest was now red-flagged. I was asked to pull one of two legal levers. The officer could be recommended for a psychiatric evaluation or processed for discharge.  I chose the latter. Performance was not lacking in his duties. But it was time for him to put his uniform up. He had lost the right to wear it.

Things have changed drastically since the designation of Barack Obama as
Commander-in-Chief . The man has not served within our ranks nor does he understand the subtle nuances of maintaining good order and discipline. We do have an Activist-in-Chief who believes that members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community must have unfettered access to oath, uniform, and military benefits.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel states he is open to a review of a military ban on “transgender individuals”.  Notice he uses the word “individuals”.  He is unable to identify a transgender based on socially acceptable means because this individual, may as of yet, not be fully surgically “reassigned”. Man, woman or bearded lady. Who cares?

These things get tricky. Bradley Manning  was the source for a huge cache of WikiLeaks documents.   He now considers himself to be “Chelsea Manning”.  He remains incarcerated within a male military prison at Leavenworth.

Ignoring the obvious, the Secretary of the Defense-of-Deviancy opines, the transgender issue is “a bit more complicated because it has a medical component to it.”  Yep. Bradley may be sporting a blonde wig and lipstick. But until he undergoes multiple facial feminization surgeries and has his penis amputated, testes removed, and tissue used to construct a fake birth canal and labia, he is just plain old “Bradley”.

We were appalled when thirty-nine members of a cult, “Heaven’s Gate” took phenobarbitol and washed it down with vodka in an act of mass suicide back in 1997. Were we just as appalled that these men consented to castration for the privilege of hitching a ride on a comet?  When a man consents to  castration for reasons which are not life-threatening it is a sign of mental illness.

Amputation of manhood. The only time I have seen this procedure was with a penile cancer diagnosis. The urethra was re-routed so this poor man could squat like a woman for the remainder of his life. I felt tremendous sympathy for his plight. Silence was better than to try to formulate empty words of comfort.

But what about those who engage self-mutilation to achieve a change in body image which seeks to superficially change what cannot be changed: the individual genome map? Beyond the self-mutilation – yes, the individual signs a legal document to be surgically mutilated – is the need for  hormone therapy. Crazy is crazy. But simple minds make simple plans.  Flood our ranks with individuals with severe gender fragmentation. Now that, is genius coming down a crooked path, from a crooked mind.

Drilled into my psyche as I moved from a Lieutenant junior grade to the rank of a imagesCA03IWE0Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserves was the following:  A morale problem is a leadership problem. And the push for transgenders into our ranks is creating a morale problem for the troops. We might as well burn the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Transgenders today. Pedophiles and men who like to sleep with goats, tomorrow. Some of our finest, our quietly leaving.

Mr. Hagel is correct that the issue is complicated. Yep, it is  a morale and welfare ThreatCon. In the field, we shower in open bay areas. No big deal.  I can step into a shower with six other women, take my allotted three minutes, dry off and move on.  But I will not step into a shower with Bradley/Chelsea. Nope.  That is creepy.

What about military physical standards?  In the Navy, the bi-annual fitness test requires a set minimum for curl-ups, push-ups and the 1.5 mile run.  Run times for women are slightly more generous than those for men.  You get the point.

If President Obama gets his way the favoritism, entitlement, and wink-and-a-nod  will be apparent. I am not quite sure what to call men who want to become women. But I do think “Eunuchs Corps” is a good designation for the new branch.   President Obama’s reliance on a flawed signature statement, “It is the right thing to do” is a bold-faced lie which must be exposed. An oath passed my lips.

My imagesCAYIRN2Mconduct and corroborated mental health gave me that right. I oppose transgenders in our military formation.

What is the monetary cost should we accept these wannabees?  Male-to-female gender reassignment is a costly endeavor. Male-to-female feminization surgeries (12 surgeries in this category alone) have a price tag of greater than $70,000 U.S. dollars.

Throw in  upper and lower body procedures and the tax burden is enormous. Will transgenders join the military to learn the art of war or to commit fraud to pay for their compulsions? The Pentagon has made an unprecedented move. A convicted military leaker of sensitive documents which may have resulted in the death of a few, is going to receive an enormous gift from  taxpayers. We will pay for Pvt. Bradley Manning’s physical mutilation.

 The writer is a freelance journalist and author of the novel Arsenal. She can be reached at

Tammy Swofford

The writer is a freelance journalist and author of the novel Arsenal. She can be reached at

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