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Using the Law of Creation to Live Your Purpose

June 18, 2015 at 5:21 pm | News Desk

Law of creation

Life is not something that simply happens to you. It happens for you and through you, only when you recognize and utilize its hands-on magic
The fundamental Law of Creation is something which applies to every soul that is manifested on this planet. Inescapable, it is also a beautiful and necessary part of life. Seen most commonly as a mysterious way for the universe to approve or deny the possibility of something, the Law of Creation is actually operational through your own hands, heart, and mind.
Understanding the basic premises of the Law of Creation can help you to decide what your true purpose is and inspire you to actually live it. However, the law dictates that you must be present in your own life, taking responsibility for your actions and inactions and giving credit where credit is due. Life is not something that simply happens to you. It happens for you and through you, but is only rewarding when you recognize and utilize its hands-on magic.
Life is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Grand Plans for It
From time to time you might hear people say, “Everything happens for a reason.” While that might be somewhat true, it is a bit oversimplified. Good and bad things are the balance of life and thus they always happen, but those events for which you have no control are the only ones that take place for inexplicable reasons. Everything else that happens to you is a direct result of what you decide to do or say from minute to minute.
Essentially, we are all connected by a series of invisible strings which foster cause and effect on a grand scheme. However, we are still in control of what we personally do and how we choose to react to the world around (and inside) us. Utilizing the Law of Creation to materislize one’s dreams is the hallmark of a truly enlightened person.
We Really Are One with the Universe
Even down to a scientific level, we are all connected somehow. Our genes, our thought processes, and even the very atoms which make up our bodies are comprised of a connective tissue which often eludes us. We are all part of one big play, and we must learn to play our parts or become obsolete. The Law of Creation states that one must recognize this connection and then use their own personal powers to find where they belong. It’s definitely easier said than done, but you are given a lifetime to perfect your approach.
Your Surroundings are a Physical Mirror of Your Internal State
Unsure about where you stand in all this? Take a look at your surroundings. They are a clear indication of how you feel, what you represent, and how much work you’ll have to do in order to find your true purpose. If you notice that you are surrounded by chaos, chances are you are in the wrong place – either mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically.
In order to use the Law of Creation to find and live your true purpose, you need to ask yourself whether or not you are happy with your surroundings. If not, then perhaps it is time to make some changes. At no point should you apologize for who you are, but instead you should try to perfect your existence in accordance with the divine law.

By Kiren Lakhani
A recent business graduate, KirenLakhani ghost writes e-books, articles and newsletters. She is also a news contributor for and work as a part time O’levels English Language teacher.
Twitter: kiren_

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