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Using the scorching sun to our advantage

May 9, 2014 at 5:49 pm | News Desk

Aslam Azad

Now that Islamabad has its first solar powered car, we wonder what more could our engineers do.  Ahmad Aslam, who is an electrical engineer by profession, has designed and manufactured a two-seater solar vehicle which runs at the speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Besides being charged by solar panels, its batteries could also be charged by direct electricity source consuming only 1 PKR of electricity per kilometer which is astonishingly low. The quest to know more about the features of this car drove the Economic Affairs team into the office cum experimental lab of Aslam Azad, located in Blue Area, who happens to be the investor of this solar car.

Shiraz Nizami

What are the features of this solar car?

This is the world’s first ever self-generating alternative energy hybrid car without an engine, commercialized 1st time in history as the true pride of Pakistan.  This car is powered by solar and kinetic energy and its engine becomes a generator when the car runs.  imagesCAFOP07R

Although it is still not a final version but I have presented an initial design for testing purposes. After a testing phase, I will present its second and improved model. The first version of the car has a battery that can run the car at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The speed and distance it covers can be increased by installing more powerful batteries. There are five transmission gears and the body is also strong enough to support 80 kilometers per hour drive. It is two-seater at the moment.

Another important feature is that it can also be charged from a direct source of electricity. If its batteries are charged by electric power, it’s per kilometer mileage cost will be one rupee only.

Would the next design of this car increase its efficiency and comfort?

Yes, I have started work on its next design which would have the looks of a modern four-seater car. It will come with an increased speed limit and the distance it covers with a fully charged battery. I will also add pneumatic energy, organic and magnetic fuel cells for maximum mileage and travelling with efficiency.

If manufactured on commercial basis, it will be a very economical and low priced vehicle available in 400,000 PKR.

From where did you get this idea of manufacturing a solar car?

I am an electrical engineer and a university professor. During my lectures and helping students in their research projects, the idea of using combined solar and kinetic energy flashed in my mind and I started efforts to make it a reality.

I shared my idea with the officials in Engineering Development Board and found them very helpful. They encouraged me and supported in getting some international tests done for this solar car.

Initially, I failed in a number of experiments, but it started yielding results gradually. I continued my experiments for more than five years and now I am driving this car.

What kind of response have you received for designing country’s first ever solar car?

I am quite confident that the government will issue a manufacturing license for this car and I will also be able to search some good investors to market my invention.

It is quite evident that if efforts like these are backed up by the government of Pakistan then this kind of vehicles can be produced locally. The electric motor used in it is not locally manufactured but other than that, every single part is made in Pakistan. Islamabad Excise and Taxation Department has registered this car and allotted it a number IDE 9555.

In the next six months you will see these cars running on the roads of Islamabad. I have received a very good response and a few people also gave me booking orders for its delivery. They are planning to run these solar cars as taxicabs in Islamabad.


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