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Amazon Android gaming console likly to debut this year

August 14, 2013 at 1:11 am | News Desk


WASHINGTON: As Sony is gearing up to launch 4th version of its flagship gaming device Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), now Amazon step up to compete with Sony and Microsoft with its upcoming device.

According to new report Amazon is developing its own Android based gaming console which will likely to go against Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4).

The company is planning to release the device by the end of this year.

After starting out as an online bookstore back in 1995, Amazon has become one of the world’s largest retailers.

After a few years the company decided it would return to its book roots with its Kindle e-book reader in 2007. It followed what Apple did with the iPod and iTunes, i.e. sell its own hardware that conveniently tied into various services the company was offering. Like the iPod, the Kindle wasn’t the first e-reader on the market, but what made it a huge success was the way that Apple and Amazon bundled their own hardware and software services.

As Amazon saw the tablet market heat up, it decided to make its own foray with an Android-based Kindle Fire tablet. The company even opened its own Amazon App Store for its tablets to use instead of Google’s own Play Store. The Kindle Fire tablet is just another vehicle for the company to keep customers tied into the Amazon ecosystem.

“According to those we spoke with who have knowledge of the in-development hardware, Amazon will be leveraging the titles already available on its platform. Each day, the company offers one productivity or game app for free and stocks a healthy library for its own devices, like the Kindle Fire. The console will also have its own, dedicated controller.”

Amazon would also likely tie in its Instant Video and MP3 services, and possibly allow Android apps, just not games to run on the console. Amazon knows that the living room is the next battleground with companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Sony all creating devices to rule your TV. Amazon has declined to comment when asked about the console.

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