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Apple iPhone 5S review of features, specs and more

August 10, 2013 at 1:40 am | News Desk


Washington: As Samsung and Nokia enjoying the market share, American technological giant Apple plans to introduce Apple iPhone 5S this year.

Apple haven’t get same response from the people at the launch of iPhone 5, as they usually get on the launch of previous versions of iPhones.

But keeping in mind of the viewers Apple known for wow factor, that’s why everyone has set his eyes for the launch of its first device of the year.

Lets we have a brief look at the feature of Apple’s upcoming device iPhone 5S.

Display is a key factor for the success of any smartphone gadget, so that’s why Apple has changed the size of the screen in the iPhone 5. As rumors suggested that, iPhone 5S would come with 4.8 inch Super HD screen with Retina+ Sharp IGZO display.

Processor is another curtail in the device. According to reports, Apple likely to debut its next generation iPhone with A7 Quads core chip. The time will tell that Apple likely to go with the same chip or introduce A7 with its new iPhone.

Another fact could not be forgotten that casing also plays a vital role in a successful product. The device should look attractive to users and also reliable. Apple have introduced Aluminum and glass body in iPhone 5. But Apple, “once again” going towards the cheaper, plastic iPhone, which will not only reduce the cost of the product and also makes it lighter to other devices.

The operating system of the device should be fast and easy to use. That’s why Apple’s next generation iPhone will be coming with iOS 7 operating system, which will be much easier to use as we compare to iOS 6 which is still running in iPhone 5.

Most of the consumers like the devices due to its high resolution and clear camera quality. The iPhone 5S will be coming with 13 mega-pixel camera.

In modern world of smartphone, users usually like wireless chargers. Apple is considering the demands of people might be introducing a wireless charger which will charge multiple devices at once.

In past,  Apple have introduced all iPhone in two basic colors but according to newly published reports and leaked images of parts of iPhone 5S indicates that the company finally decided to change the color of upcoming iPhone.

Mostly the users prefer to have high storage capacity. iPhone 5 is available in 16/32 and 64 GB while its next version is likely to come with 128 GB storage capacity.

iPhone 5S likely to come in the October of this year, as rumors suggested.

The iPhone 5S S16 GB with contract is likely to start from $ 199 while a non contract device to cost somewhere around $ 599.

So the above features describes the whole situation that Apple will be coming once again with a wow factor with a plan to regain its goodwill once again.

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