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Crossword Puzzle’s 100th anniversary being celebrated

December 21, 2013 at 1:35 am | News Desk

Crossword puzzle

The Crossword Puzzle—that staple of newspapers—is celebrating its 100th birthday as Google has also challenged its doodlers with an interactive crossword.

The first “word cross” puzzle (the name soon changed), appearing in the New York World on Dec. 21, 1913, was credited to a cruciverbalist named Arthur Wynne.

From The World, they spread to other papers. By the 1920s, decade of fads and fashions, crossword puzzles were up there with flagpole sitting, goldfish swallowing, raccoon coats, monkey gland implants, Charleston contests and ukuleles as the very embodiment of mad, reckless youth on its never-ending quest for novelty.

The Washington Post has the skinny on the behind the scenes effort for the puzzle, which was created by well-known puzzle-maker Merl Reagl.

According to the Post article, Google is not providing an answer key, “instead counting on the passion of fans to share their answers on YouTube and elsewhere.”

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