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Indians evil designs against Pakistan won’t be successful, warns Rasheed

August 13, 2013 at 2:45 am | News Desk


Karachi: Founder Awami Muslim League has warned India on its evil intentions against Pakistan. If India thinks it can attack, it is highly mistaken.

“If India resorts to war it will neither hear temple bells ringing nor would there be any grass or birds remaining. Our defence comprises of 70% of missiles and 30% of aviation. On the other hand, India’s assets depend upon 70% of aviation and 30% missiles”.

Talking to a local TV Rasheed said, “No territory of India is far from our reach except Assam. Pakistan and India both must live as peaceful neighbours and avoid creating tensions for one another or both will suffer”.

He further claimed that terrorism in Balochistan is because of the support of Indian agency Raw.

“India wants to destabilise Pakistan. If this happens then India will see creation of 22 Pakistan within its own soil.”

He further said that media is faithful to Pakistan, it’s just that a few of them has taken loan from India. He said, “Pakistan’s current rulers comprises of two brothers and a nephew. If Ishaq Dar won’t be removed it would result in total loss of the country”.

“Imran Khan should ask for scrutiny of 50 constituencies rather than just 4. Calling judiciary shameful is not an abuse”.

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