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Lady Criminal Gangs adopt interesting tactic of theft in Saudi Arabia

November 6, 2013 at 1:02 am | News Desk

Lady Criminal Gangs adopt interesting tactic of theft in Saudi Arabia | TheNewsTribeJEDDAH: Even though Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for its strict measures regarding theft, nevertheless this is not the same for women. Despite the females too involved in burglary in mostly the shopping centers, they don’t face the same felony as is being charged on male thieves. These gangs in Saudi Arabia do not face the same penalty even though they are involved in thefts.

Often most of them are caught red handed while shopping in their targeted stores. The main reason for the hurdle is the procedures of bureaucracy that often helps them get away from pick pocketing.

Even with proof available from more than 400 CCTV cameras along with the presence of 160 private security guards, of which 20 are women, they tend to get away with the goods. Many shop owners have taken their cases despite having enough evidences against these women.

“When a theft is reported at a store, CCTV footage is reviewed to identify the culprits and determine whether they have left the mall or are still inside. If they are still inside the mall, security guards are alerted and they are detained. If they have already left the mall, then the police are notified as the case then falls under their jurisdiction”.

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