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Mullah Omar rejects Afghan-US agreement

October 14, 2013 at 1:08 am | News Desk


ISLAMABAD: Chief of Taliban in Afghanistan, Mullah Muhammad Omar has rejected the agreements between governments of United States and Afghanistan on upcoming election and he said Afghans will not accept it, local media claimed to receive a message on Sunday.

According to the Express Tribune, Mullah Omar said the invaders and their allies should understand that the strategic agreement will be accompanied by grave consequences for them.

President Karzai appointed former President Sibghatullah Mujaddadi to convene a “Loya Jirga” or grand assembly to discuss and give a formal approval to BSA which Omar opposed.

“They might get these documents rubber stamped by a fake Loya Jirga but it will not be acceptable to the Afghans. Throughout the history, the real representatives and Loya Jirgas of the country have never signed documents of slavery,” he said and added that those who sign the BSA do not represent the Loya Jirga of the country.

“Their decisions are not acceptable. The invaders should know that their limited bases will never be accepted. The current armed Jihad will continue against them with more momentum,” Taliban chief said.

According to local media, the Taliban leader also rejected the upcoming Presidential elections scheduled for April 2014, the year set by NATO troops for withdrawal.

He regretted that some of the leaders were “trying to distort Islam” in order to reach the corridor of power and to “please the non-believers”.

The statement of Taliban chief cloaked as an “Eid” message — came a day after President Hamid Karzai and US Secretary of State John Kerry agreed on some parts of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA). The agreement however left the issue of providing immunity to the US soldiers unresolved.

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