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Samsung Galaxy S5: Specs, release date and more

December 24, 2013 at 1:45 am | News Desk


Seoul: Samsung once again eyeing to begin the new era of smartphone by its upcoming device Samsung Galaxy S5.

Just like Samsung introduce phablet category and flexible display in the smartphone, now South Korean giant is eyeing to introduce another variation in its upcoming device Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 will bend, have a next gen display, a superb camera and a metallic design. Well, that’s what we reckon anyway.

As far as the Samsung Galaxy S5 goes it’s likely that we’ll see the Korean firm take to the stage sometime in March 2014 with its fifth generation flagship smartphone. If the Galaxy S4 launch event is anything to go by expect it to be big, brash and rather confusing.

In terms of price there’s no point hoping that Samsung might offer the Galaxy S5 at a more competitive rate than its predecessors.

If it does bring an aluminum chassis, curved display and more, then we can see the price sky-rocketing. Time to start saving.

A lot of the early rumours appear to be focusing on the chassis of the Samsung Galaxy S5, with various sources claiming the S5 will be the handset where the Korean firm finally breaks is polycarbonate relationship in favor of a full metal jacket.

Smartphones such as the iPhone 5S and HTC One have shown up the Galaxy S4 this year, offering a far superior look and feel and it’s an area Samsung needs to work on with the Galaxy S5.

According to sources, confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will arrive with a fully aluminum chassis and a new look dubbed “Design 3.0″.

There was a lot of buzz around the 64-bit A7 processor which Apple stuffed inside the iPhone 5S and it’s been blowing up benchmark tests left right and Centre, and it looks like Samsung wants a bit of the action.

The rumours have been thoroughly shoving back and forth over whether Samsung will be launching the S5 with a 64-bit processor, as an ARM executive spilled the beans on the South Korean brand picking up its fancy new chip for 2014.

It could be kept for the Note 4, but then again Apple would have had a massive lead in the 64-bit market by then. The S5 looks like it could have a whacking 4GB of RAM as well to power all the new technology inside, taking better advantage of that 64-bit chip.

Considering the Galaxy Note 3 has launched with a mighty 2.3GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM we’d expect the Galaxy S5 to at least match it, if not beat it.

Samsung already has a display that’s sharper than the human eye can detect, so why would it go any sharper?

The electronics brand seems to have ignored that question and will be possibly bringing the S5 with a 2K display – that’s a dizzying 560ppi for screens as small as five inches.

It’s not all about sharpness, as it could also lead to improved colour performance and refresh rate for slicker video and animations.

Given Samsung wants to go 4K for its 2015 smartphones, the halfway resolution makes sense for next year’s devices.

All previous headlining Galaxy S handsets have sported the Android operating system and we don’t expect that to change with the Galaxy S5.

Google’s latest version of its mobile platform, Android 4.4 KitKat, is expected to launch in October 2014, so it’s highly likely this will be the version of choice for the Galaxy S5 come March.

There’s a rumour that is throwing a spanner in the works though, suggesting that Samsung will offer the Galaxy S5 in both Android and its own-brand Tizen variants.

As we’ve briefly mentioned already there’s talk of a whole new design language for the Galaxy S5 which will hopefully see Samsung break away from the similar styling of the Galaxy S3 and S4.

Obviously a metal chassis would help in changing the design, but we want to know what the Galaxy S5 will actually look like.

Samsung already mention that its upcoming device will feature a 16 mega-pixel camera, so it make one thing clear that Galaxy S5 likely to feature 16 mega-pixel camera.

Anyone hoping that Samsung will follow in the footsteps of Apple and bring a fingerprint scanner to the Galaxy S5 could well be disappointed if certain rumours are to be believed.

That’s after a Samsung official apparently told the Korean Times that the company is “not yet developing the technology” for its handsets. Boo.

There were rumours of both Samsung buying a biometrics firm, which were instantly denied, and more recently it was mooted that the S5 would use retinal scanning to unlock the phone.

Unless someone comes out with a pretty nifty explanation of how this might work, we can’t see it appearing next year. We’re not holding our phone up to the eye just to open it up. We’d look insane.

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