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Saudi camel infected by Mers virus

November 13, 2013 at 1:56 am | News Desk

Saudi camel infected by Mers virus

A camel in Saudi Arabia has been diagnosed with Mers Virus. This virus recently came into the scene in the Middle East and has already taken 64 lives all over the world.

According to the Saudi Health Ministry, the person who owned this camel was also infected by Mers virus.

However, there is still no evidence that suggests camels are responsible for spreading this virus among human beings.

Mers (Middle East respiratory syndrome) virus attack respiratory system of animal and humans.

Experts think that it’s not contagious as there were few cases but there is a possibility that this virus transfer from a person to another through coughs and sneezes of an affected soul.

Since September 2012, a total of 153 cases of Mers coronavirus were recorded.

The Saudi officials have just reported the initial tests of camel. A detailed checkup will be done later to see any similarities between the virus of the owner and the camel.

According to the health ministry, the department of agriculture and laboratories is all set to “isolate the virus and compare its genetic structure with that of the patient’s”.

If the result turned out to be positive then it would be first official scientific discovery in the world and will open more doors for further research and studies on Mers virus.

The World Health Organisation, who is keeping a close eye on the development of this virus, thinks that there is no need of any travel restriction due to it.

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