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Secret agencies seek permission for large-scale crackdowns across Pakistan

November 18, 2013 at 1:01 am | News Desk


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani intelligence agencies have showed interest in permission by the federal government for large-scale crackdowns against banned organisations creating strifes with foreign agencies support in Pakistan.

The intelligence agencies sent letter to the federal government seeking allowance for commencing clamp downs on blast-listed organisations.

Pakistan’s federal government was informed by the letter that foreign agencies contacted the organistions and ensured provision of support in any action against their opponents.

Claims have been made by the local secret agencies for foreign agencies involvement in sectarian clashes in order to accomplish their ulterior motives in Pakistan, hence the rapid action is necessary, local newspapers reported.

Meanwhile, the law enforcement departments of different cities in Pakistan have released suspects’ list including at least 119 persons belonging to different school of thoughts and directed their officials to bound their activities as well as under-house arrestments.

Earlier on November 11, The Pakistan’s intelligence agencies had issued reports indicating uprise of sectarian strifes in the Punjab province during the month of Muharram by the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

It should be mentioned that the extremely tight security measures were implemented across Pakistan during ongoing Islamic calender’s month of Muharram but any sectarian spark flied by some unidentified terrorists in Rawalpindi which claimed at least 9 lives till now.

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