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About us


Monthly Economic Affairs is a subject special magazine on economy and also provides room for multi-disciplinary subjects of practical affairs that are of prime significance. It is an ABC Certified English language magazine published with monthly frequency from Islamabad, which provides its readers a thorough economic analysis, research reports, corporate updates and tidings of new technologies and products.

The Economic Affairs team believes in freedom of expression, transparency and journalism with responsibility. We give great importance to our readers, therefore our professional research keeps on improving the quality of information and its authenticity.

It is an honor for Economic Affairs that illustrious economists like Dr Ashfaq Hassan Khan, Abid Sulehri, Zaffar Hassan Almas, Haroon Akhter Khan and some international writers have committed to contribute their commendable writes ups for the magazine.

The average net paid circulation of the magazine is 15000 copies. Besides, general circulation and subscriptions, the magazine is being circulated nationwide in corporate sector, banks, regulatory bodies, parliamentarians, diplomatic missions and international financial institutions & UN Agencies.

Monthly Economic Affairs was launched to fulfill the need of an informative and authoritative magazine for the corporate sector.  The main reason for this magazine’s launch was accurate dissemination of information about current duties/ taxes, government regulations, multidimensional trade statistics and in-depth analysis.

The magazine consists of separate chapters; every chapter caters different segments of the economy and current affairs. It gives its readers a variety of contents starting from fiscal information to economic analysis, corporate affairs to stock market reviews, food security concerns to agriculture, environmental issues of industry, financial scams to state enterprises, regulatory bodies to consumer rights, and legislation to international trade agreements.

Journalism with Responsibility 

We understand the importance of authentic information and research and ensure our stories’ authenticity. Our research teams keeps a constant track of authenticity of news and information. We believe in consistent improvement and realize the importance of reader’s feedback and expert opinion. We consult analysts’ reports, industry leaders, researchers, top government officials, NGO’s and developmental organizations, educational institutions and central bank’s reports to have the up to date statistics and information about the economy.


The magazine has a broad circulation and our readers and subscribers include top companies, Government Organizations, Diplomats, CEO’s, academia, trade bodies, importers, researchers, politicians, business community and general public entities, banks, diplomatic missions, business chambers and industries.  Our website was launched with the aim to expand our outreach to millions of online readers.  Economic Affairs is your decisive partner of choice to ensure that your voice is heard by those who matter.

Distinguished Contributors

The magazine includes featured write-ups by well-known corporate leaders, best-selling business thinkers and philosophers, prominent academicians, researchers and journalists with a track record in revealing the patterns below the surface.

Some of our worthy contributors

Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan is currently the Dean and Professor, NUST Business School, National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Islamabad. He has been the Special Secretary Finance/Director General, Debt Office of the Ministry of Finance, Islamabad. He is also the Director and Vice Chairman of Saudi Pak Industrial and Agricultural Investment Company Ltd. Dr.Khan holds a Ph.D degree in economics from the Johns Hopkins University in USA. Dr. Khan was the member of the core team who negotiated with the IMF for various financial packages, implemented the programs and finally brought the country out of the IMF Program and thus restored the country’s financial sovereignty. The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has conferred the award of Sitara-i-Imtiaz to Dr. Khan.

Abid Qaiyum Suleri is a social policy analyst and development practitioner. He specialized in Food Security from University of Greenwich, UK. He is Executive Director of leading Pakistani think-tank Sustainable Development Policy Institute since 2007. Dr. Suleri is a prolific writer and regularly contributes to various national and international newspapers. He is a strong supporter of social justice and warns that militancy and violence cannot be tackled without addressing individual insecurities such as food insecurity, poverty, and marginalization. He is the vice chair of executive board of South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics, and Environment. He is also the co-chair of Climate Action Network South Asia.

Dr Fawad Kaiser is an Associate Professor Psychiatry and Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with The Huntercombe Group in UK. He is Member and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and American Board Certified in Psychotherapy. He holds Master degree in Psycho- genetics and Law form Cardiff University and is Member of The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and Member of International Association of Forensic Criminologists. He has been Associate Dean Shifa College of Medicine and invited guest Lecturer at Military School of Intelligence Pakistan.

Tammy Swofford is a journalist who maintains a focus on geopolitical Islam in the 21st century. Her optimistic belief is that there are viable diplomatic solutions for current events. Areas of interest are: research, predictive analysis and geopolitical Islam. She believes that foreign policy directives of the stable world powers must focus on ethical governance, humane policy initiatives and domestic homeostasis. The journalist does not populate social networking sites.  You may contact her at: