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Things I hate about Lahore

August 15, 2015 at 12:45 pm | News Desk


Lahore is a major urban and modern metropolitan city in Pakistan. The city which is famous for so many names education city, lifestyle city, fashion city, film city as well as art city with rich heritage. We know that every city has its own personality, mood and demeanor. Lahore in its first glance gives a relaxed, laid back and peaceful look and place to live in and enjoy your life in variety of ways. The thing in which Lahore is famous from all other cities is Lahori food.

Lahore was a peaceful and progressive city and folks from other cities wish to live in. But presently Lahore has been changed with the passage of time. Know nothing is according to the set rules all the citizens are acting like Tom, Dick and Harry. Everybody is in rush, running, running, running.  They feel that commercial pandemonium is everywhere. One seems to know anyone. It was not Lahore.

Lahore is the place which I love but on the other side I also hate few things of Lahore like trafic rushthe “noise”.  Lahore is perhaps the only place in the country where your ears can listen several noises and roar of vehicles, stomach-churning bollywood tunes, Punjabi scratchy tracks which are usually played on “Ching Chi” and last but the least multi-colored fights with a hint of melodious colorful abuse. It makes oneself feel mortified while sitting with a family or friends. I think there should be a ban on listening music beyond some level of volume.

Secondly many of Lahore’s prominent buildings are named for non-Muslims but recently there has been a growing effort to “Islamize” the city’s architecture and landmarks, critics of the trend says. These places are losing its significance and there genuine names. Officials try to change their names according to their likes. Which is not good in real sense? In past Lawrence garden has given another name which is Bagh-e-jinnah.  I believe actual names give more passionate look of Lahore and doing this I hate literally.

As the capital of Punjab, Lahore used to celebrate Basant the arrival of spring in a colorfulbasanat manner but this festival is also being stopped by the officials.  Lahoris used to celebrate with this festival with ease and invite there family relatives to chill pill but sadly from last few years this festival is  made “unIslamic” festival and one that endangered public morality. Please give this festival back to Lahoris as they are meant for it.

Moreover the cultural prospect is being changed with the passage of time. One can see informative dramas in Al-hamra or in other theaters but on the opposite we also can see Dar-sidestage dramas at Lakshmi chowk named as “ Munni Badnaam Hui”.  These sort of stage drama’s should be stopped as they are giving a worst image of Lahore and Lahoris.

Real culture of Lahore should be saved as living history is being destroyed. Partly by the people who so romantically write down their phone numbers and romantic poetry on the walls of historic structures, and authorities do not take any action against them. And I always thought that every Pakistani had equal rights to our collective heritage. Well, some dreams die young!

Most importantly the men slowing down their cars to get a better look at a girl walking on the street or standing at a bus stop, or offering a ‘lift’, while they drive home to their wives and children is why Lahoris often opt for vigilante justice. People of Lahore especially young fellows and local bus drivers will give a heroic look that they haven’t seen and women before. It looks weird.

Lahore has too much to eat and see. No matter how much time you have, you always run out of time. Food of Lahore is the thing to eat but one cannot eat all of them. Or worse still, stomach space.

But the one trait in Lahoris is that impressed me the most is their civic sense. You won’t see them spitting pan or gutka on the roads or elsewhere; you won’t see people littering; they are more conscious of their environment and make an effort to keep it clean and beautiful. I am very good at Joke as my friends and my family says.

Last but not the least thing I hate about lahore is that when you are away from this city then you can actually value Lahore. I really from my core of heart love this city. There is no comparison to Lahore, ( Bohat hi bewafa shehar hay….)

Despite all the worse. Lahore is Lahore.  We can say (Lahore lahore hai)

The writer is a social and political activist based in Lahore and he can be reached at



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