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Persecution of the Christian Community

June 22, 2015 at 4:04 pm | News Desk

My forefathers fled to these shores with a vision of religious freedom. The right to it was purchased with blood and this fervently embraced freedom is the cornerstone of our Constitution. The words still leap off the page; though now dead, the witnesses still speak. Their thoughts are codified in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The dry ink of the signatories flows like liquid satin through my veins. I champion this freedom.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”
This treasure known as freedom of religion is a summation of its parts. Man is a moral agent with free will. But free will is also extended to those who choose not to celebrate nor participate in acts which violate personal conscience. You can have a “gay marriage”. Just do not anticipate my celebration nor resent my choice when I decline any part of your festivities.
Gay activism has become relentless. Homosexuals fiercely embrace their own “religion” whilst denying the same freedom to others. What makes any individual believe they have a right to unfettered affirmation of their sexual proclivity? Grow up!
Inconceivably, the US President consistently champions sexual immorality. I cannot wait until the President lauds NAMBLA. Our young sons will be at risk. Regardless, Obama has opened the door to persecution of Christians on US soil.
The homosexual community (with bisexual and transgender tentacles) have taken a morality issue and diverted it onto a civil rights stage. They are emboldened and actively targeting those who honor God with quietness of heart. This is in violation of First Amendment rights.
The gays have always had a knack for creating a spotlight so that they can dance in it. Activists are targeting Christians due to their intense disdain for the Biblical concept of a heterosexual marriage covenant. Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and woman. God blesses our covenant.
There is now hell to pay for Christians who cling to their faith.
Christians are not predatory, because well…. we want to be like Jesus. We are “turn the other cheek” believers. We are gentle souls who give the cloak, walk a second mile, and are quite comfortable with the whole of humanity. Again, we are not predatory. But that trait places us at a disadvantage. The ability of the gay community to beat us up on a regular basis has been made easier by our spiritual DNA. But because we are experiencing a relentless assault, we may have to become what we will later regret. Actually, I am already there. I am writing a pithy journalism column about gay persecution of the Church. Put me in the column with the goats.
Let me take a moment and bring you up to speed on gay political activism. The homosexual community was rocking along pretty good with their “hate crime” script until it was found that gays were doing dumb things like spray painting epithets on their own garage doors. Rampant hatred against gays actually disappeared years ago. So it became necessary to trash the script that did not work and create a new one. This most recent masquerade party sports a denial-of-service mask. Incidents are suddenly popping up on a regular basis. A question must be entertained by rational individuals. Are gays targeting Christian businesses so they can trample on their Constitutional rights? Do you discern scripts for public consumption?
Of course all of this is made possible by creating an eMob (electronic mob) mentality. Activists are creating digital mobs via digital mobilization. They seek out the rabble-rousing herd which lacks common sense. The political pigs then run off the cliff of reason, snorting all the way. And if not snorting, they are threatening to sue, burn, and destroy the livelihood of Christians. Throw in a good squeal of character defamation, and you get the picture.
Recently, eMob mentality overtook the citizens of Indiana. Oink! A family-owned pizza parlor was asked a hypothetical question by a reporter. It related to Indiana’s newly minted Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Would the owners cater a gay wedding? Kevin and Crystal O’Connor took the bait. No, they could not celebrate gay marriage and would decline to cater a wedding party. The family made it clear they would not turn away an individual gay patron. The eMob went into action. The family has received threats. A high school golf coach sent out a tweet, “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #MemoriesPizza w me?” Really? Gays want to torch Christian businesses? Yellow journalism reporters snort that the restaurant is a “fag-hating pizza hole….” and use a few choice words not suitable for professional print.
Crystal O’Connor states “We’re very hurt…. We stood up for what we believe. We said we would serve anyone who walked into the door – even gays – but we would not condone a wedding, we would not cater it, because it is against our religious beliefs.” Americans are showing their disgust for the ongoing persecution. The GoFundMe website fund for Memories Pizza raised $842,000 in the first four days.
Barronelle Stutzman (70 yrs.) was flattened by a gay bulldozer after she refused to provide floral arrangements for the wedding of Robert Ingersoll and his partner Curt Freed. The men had used her flower shop for nine years. But she could not violate her conscience and provide flowers for their wedding.
The offended parties could have merely sought out a different florist. But this is all about coercion. On behalf of Ingersoll and Freed, the ACLU has sued Ms. Stutzman for business and personal assets. True gentlemen treat ladies nicely. Ingersoll and Freed? Yes, grandmother! You will live on the streets! Stutzman’s GoFundMe account has topped $173,000.
A wedding photographer and a baker have suffered character defamation. The bakery is shuttered. Possibly my name will be added to a blacklist. The ink will still flow. Freedom does not run. Freedom stands.

By Tammy Swofford

News Desk

Economic Affairs Editor

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