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Qatar: Doha Welcomes Four Global Giants for Transformative Collaboration

January 10, 2024 at 12:02 pm | Economic Affairs

In a historic event marked by grandeur and significance, the Qatar National Museum in Doha witnessed the spectacular launch of four international companies – Fang-da Partners, Belt and Road Trading and Contracting, Gallery Five International, and SW International. Hosted by The Belt and Road Trading and Contracting, this momentous occasion brought together distinguished figures from various sectors to celebrate the spirit of unity and collaboration.
The launch showcased each partner’s narrative as a tapestry of innovation and shared aspirations, laying the foundation for transformative collaboration. The captivating live creation “One World, Peaceful World” served as an evocative testament to the shared pursuit of global harmony. The convergence of these international companies in Qatar marks the inaugural step towards expansion in the Middle East, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends borders.
Pegasus Wong, Chairman of Belt and Road Group and Gallery Five Internationals, expressed heartfelt appreciation to the luminaries for their profound impact on the evening’s significance. Qatar National Museum, representing Qatar’s rich cultural heritage, served as the perfect backdrop for the convergence of global thought leaders, fostering a symphony of diverse ideas towards unity.
Pegasus Wong emphasized the event’s significance, stating, “This unforgettable convergence transcends mere celebration; it signifies a rallying call to forge alliances, build bridges, and sculpt a world where unity triumphs, weaving a tapestry of hope and shared aspirations across borders.”
Expressing gratitude to the Qatar National Museum and the nation itself, Wong added, “Heartfelt appreciation extends to the Qatar National Museum, a bastion of cultural richness, and to Qatar, embracing unity in diversity.”
Wong highlighted the importance of the moment, stating, “Tonight is a very important moment and journey for us. Tonight, we have four international companies launching in Qatar, supporting enterprises and various government projects, and working as a link between China, Hong Kong, and Qatar.”
With the success of the FIFA World Cup, Qatar has emerged as a prominent trade hub in the Middle East. Wong noted, “On the location, Qatar is where we could help, and it is near to Saudi Arabia. And we realized that it is the right time to start in Qatar because we can foresee its bright future.”
Qaiser Nawab, President of the Belt and Road Initiative for Sustainable Development (BRISD), emphasized the importance of Qatar in the Belt and Road Initiative of China. He stated, “Qatar is very active in the international arena and plays a crucial role in bridging people from different parts of the world. I believe that Qatar has a lot of potential to promote Belt and Road projects and can be another gateway to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe for this initiative.”
The launch symbolizes a joint commitment to innovation and excellence, with plans to set new benchmarks across Qatar and the wider GCC region. It represents a significant leap forward in infrastructure, luxury interior design, IT, trading, accounting, law, and other sectors to promote elevated experiences for esteemed customers in the region.
The event was marked with the presence of luminaries such as Belt and Road Group Chairman Pegasus Wong, Belt and Road Initiative for Sustainable Development (BRISD) President Qaiser Nawab, Gallery Five International Partner Dick Leung, NAWIC Qatar President Billie Teshich, Fangda Partners’ Collin Law, and SW International Hong Kong Founder Lowell Lo. These esteemed figures graced the stage with insightful speeches, contributing to the evening’s atmosphere of wisdom and inspiration.
The esteemed speakers ignited sparks of possibility, kindling hopes for groundbreaking collaborations. Profound thanks were extended to all attendees, representing multifaceted perspectives, for gracing the evening with their esteemed presence.

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