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Apple iPad Mini 2 features, price, release date and specs

August 5, 2013 at 1:11 am | News Desk


WASHINGTON: As number of rumors and clues are generating that American giant Apple will be coming with its fastest small size table likely iPad Mini 2.

Apple is famous of giving wow factor with its gadgets and now with the upgraded technology in the upcoming device, the company will surely dominate the market.

According to the analyst, Apple iPad Mini 2 will affect the sales of iPad 5.

Let’s we have a look at the features of iPad Mini 2.

Screen and display are the most important part of the product success. Apple have taken the services of LG to build the screen of its next generation iPad, according to rumors. Apple is expected to switch to using a much higher-resolution IGZO panel, a new kind of screen made by Sharp.

The users prefer speed which is the second important factor in the device. As the rumors suggested, that Apple will launch A7 quads core processor with iPad mini.

The operating system is another factor which cannot be escaped. The operating system allows the users to use the device easily. Apple will introduce a new operating system iOS 7 in its iPad Mini 2, according to reports.

The iPad Mini 2 will likely to be available in 16/32/64 and 128GB storage capacity which is very much convenient to users.

Furthermore, iPad Mini 2 is likely to have an 8 megapixel back and 2 megapixel facing camera.

According to reports, Apple iPad Mini 2 will be coming late 2013 during the Christmas rush.

Keeping in view of track record of Apple devices, iPad Mini 2 will cost exactly the same as the iPad Mini. That means for the Wi-Fi models, £269 for the 16GB version, £349 for the 32GB version and £429 for the 64GB version. We correctly guessed the price of the 128GB iPad 4, so if the iPad Mini follows the same pricing structure, a 128GB version would cost £509. Expect to pay £100 more for the equivalent Wi-Fi + Cellular model reports said.

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