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Diamond-like coat for Samsung Galaxy S5?

December 19, 2013 at 1:42 am | News Desk


Seoul: Samsung is now eyeing to introduce its flagship device Samsung Galaxy S5 with metal chase, and now report claims that company wants to introduce a diamond-like material into its future smartphones.

According to Korean site ET News, Samsung is in the process of testing out a “diamond metal surface treatment technology” by blasting carbon with high temperatures in the same way that diamonds are formed.

However coating a diamond-like material on top of the metal case would make the phone more resistant to scratches and damage.

If Samsung is planning to go ahead with its fancy diamond material, there’s the problem of timing. Right now we’re expecting the Galaxy S5 to arrive as early as February so we may not get to see any of this happen until the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Meanwhile, those previous rumors of the S5 coming with a metal-alloy chassis may have just been dashed.

Digitimes reports that “Taiwan-based chassis makers” have said that Samsung is still weighing up the pros and cons of metal chassis right now and that there’s no sign of mass production taking place.

The same sources reckon that switching the plastic chassis for a metal one would only up the cost for Samsung without bringing any huge benefits.

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