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Holiday tour results costly for newly engaged couple

January 15, 2014 at 1:00 am | News Desk


CAPE TOWN: Terrifying moments were seen at the Kruger National Park in South Africa last week when an enraged bull elephant thrashed a car with a engaged couple onboard and throw it by force up to 40 yards away from the park.

Sarah Brooks from Spalding, Lincolnshire miraculously only got upper thigh injuries and now in stable condition after being airlifted to hospital and treated for several days while her fiancée, Jans de Klerk, fortunately escaped unhurt.


The moments were filmed by other tourists travelling in a car behind, however, the angry giant attacked the vehicle when they capturing the elephant’s video drinking at a waterhole suddenly it turned and went for them, Daily Mail reported.

The car was flipped by the elephant and shunted around 130ft down a track into thick bushland.



The troublesome moment faced by the couple on holidays to celebrate their recent engagement and for Miss Brooks to meet her fiance’s South African family, friends said.

Park officials later shot the elephant which was in musth, a periodic condition in males that makes them aggressive when their testosterone levels rise by up to 60 times. It also had an injury, which is believed to have increased its aggressiveness.

Horrible video: (Courtesy: DailyMail)

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