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INDIA fuelling militancy in Pakistan

June 28, 2015 at 1:07 pm | News Desk

Welcome to the June 2015 edition of Economic Affairs magazine. This

edition, as you will note, comprises of more articles than usual, covering a

wide variety of topics, domestic and global.

This month, our cover story features the intricate operations devised by

India’s external intelligence agency, Research And Analysis Wing

(RAW). Some well-documented proof points in the direction that RAW is

quite actively involved in meddling in matters on Pakistani soil. This

elaborate network set up by RAW involves structures which are present not

only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan, operating through multi-tiered

organizations. The purpose is clear: create terror within Pakistan, a premise

which is well-documented by significant examples in our cover story.

This adversarial situation is entirely counter-productive to what relations

between India and Pakistan should and could be, given the geographical

proximity of the two countries and the vast similarities in culture and


Divisions only lead to more divisions and less conflictual, stronger relations

based on mutual trust promoting unity and peace would only be beneficial

to both countries and its peoples.

Such healthy relations would most certainly lead to prosperous trade,

business, economic, cultural and political harmony between India and

Pakistan. This would also lead to an immense economical and political

power globally of what is already considered a subcontinent.

This month, we also feature diverse articles on law, international relations,

the development of nuclear energy, a brief global news section and the

promotion of cultural activities, just to name a few.

We are, as always, deeply grateful to our writers, advertisers, and diligent

staff and last but not least, our readers. Each month, we are striving to make

Economic Affairs better. This month, we are also launching our new

website. So, these are very exciting and creative times for us and we thank

each and every one of you in whichever way you contribute, for your

continued support.

Happy reading!


News Desk

Economic Affairs Editor

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