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Law keepers found involved in electricity theft

August 6, 2013 at 2:08 am | News Desk


ISLAMABAD: Campaign against electricity and gas thieves is continued in Islamabad and Rawalpindi by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and dozens of police officials found involved in power theft cases.

Energy crisis declared to be the most significant issue in Pakistan while surprising facts revealed during the drive for capturing the responsible.

Senior law keepers found associated in electricity theft in twin cities of Pakistan while two private hostels were using illegal gas and power.

FIA team cut down electricity connection of at least 161 flats in G-6 area of Islamabad during a raid where Police officials were living for last four years and they were using the energy resource without reading meter.

The investigation team discovered another spot using illegal connection for power in Chatha Bakhtawar area of Islamabad where in a hostel 45 rooms and 2 shops were using unlawful connection. The hostel owner was arrested by the FIA team.

FIA team registered FIR against all accused in gas theft in Rawalpindi,

Girls hostel situated in a commercial market of Rawalpindi city was stealing gas rupees millions of worth and staff of Pakistan’s largest gas supplier, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), was also found involved in the case. FIR has been registered against all accused for the theft.

Earlier, manager and four employees of famous hotel located near Mureer Chowk in Rawalpindi city were arrested on involvement in gas theft of Rs6.5 million as home gas meter was being used in the hotel instead of commercial.

FIRs were registered in related police stations against the responsible persons in gas theft cases where a home consumer stealing electricity in Saddar area and a restaurant on Murree road was using electricity illegally.

FIA conducted a joint raid with official of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) on a commercial warehouse in Ratta-sub division where provision of electricity was supplying from a home connection.

Warehouse owner Shaikh Shehzad was arrested by the raid team while other employees were successfully fled from the location.

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