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Nokia releases Lumia Black update for Lumia devices runs on Windows 8

January 11, 2014 at 1:15 am | News Desk


Washington: As Microsoft is offering the free Windows 8.1 update for Windows 8 users, now Nokia follows up with software giant, as Windows phone giant released new Lumia Black update for its Windows 8 smartphone.

Nokia has announced that it has started releasing the Lumia Black update for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 owners around the world.

When Nokia decided to take on Windows Phone as its smartphone OS of choice, both the company and Microsoft confirmed that Nokia was given more access to the Windows Phone OS than other licensees such as Samsung and HTC.

This is one of the reasons Nokia owns almost ninety percent of WP8 market share, because Microsoft allows the company to create exclusive software that is only available on Lumia handsets.

There’s no denying that Nokia has improved the use of Microsoft’s smartphone OS, and the company has just announced that its Lumia Black update is now rolling out worldwide.

App Folder – Nokia has made personalizing and organizing your Start screen simple with App Folders. As its name implies, you can now group similar apps and settings in a folder or a tile on the Start screen of your Lumia.

Nokia Glance 2.0 – Nokia introduced the Glance feature in its Amber update and has since added some new features to help you keep track of important notifications in real time, all while your smartphone is asleep. There’s even a feature that makes it easier to see the Glance screen at night using red, blue or green colors.

Bluetooth LE – All Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones will now be Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) compatible, allowing you to connect your Lumia to other devices such as smartwatches and wearable technology.

Nokia Beamer – If you’ve ever wanted to share what’s on your Lumia display with a computer, web-connected TV, or other device, you can use Nokia Beamer to beam what’s on your display to any HTML5-enabled screen by scanning a QR code with your Lumia. This feature will be available on compatible devices with at least 1GB of RAM.

Nokia Storyteller – Lumia 1520 owners are already familiar with this feature, which arranges the photos on your Lumia by date and location. You’ll be able to see exactly when and where you took a photo through the use of interactive maps.

Nokia Camera – This feature combines the Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera to make it extremely simple to take the best images possible. You can adjust different settings in real time and see exactly what your picture is going to look like before you capture it.

The Nokia Lumia Black update has begun rolling out to the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 today and other devices will be receiving it in the coming weeks.

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