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Samsung disclose future Displays in a video

December 28, 2013 at 1:00 am | News Desk


Seoul: Samsung after dominating the smartphone market, now eyeing to upgrade the displays for company’s upcoming devices.

The new video posted by Samsung on its website, which gives us the glimpse of future displays form the South Korean giant.

Samsung showed this video at their own Analyst day 2013. As known Samsung is the biggest innovator in Display technology. Samsung already said that we will see more flexible displays in the near future.

At this moment Samsung already has one device with a curved display which is the Galaxy Round.

The video which disclose the displays are as follows:

Flexible & Sensor integrated Display, Wall display, Foldable Display Alarm clock, Bended Display for kitchen, Automotive Window Display, Blackboard Display, Unbreakable Display for school, Edu-Desk system, Transparent Elevator, 3-Foldable Display, Wearable Display, Smart Window, Foldable & Sensor Integrated Display and Transparent Large Format Display.

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